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BA 300 A - DC Plus (Dual Function)

BA 300 A – DC Plus Dual Function is a DC type welding. It is an expansion of BA 300 A-DC Plus to be a more effective and efficient package with Stick and TIG welding capability. Its simplicity in design allows the user to easily choose between Stick and TIG welding by connecting either to “Stick” or “TIG” output terminal on the machine. The Stick welding capability is exactly similar to its basic product which is BA 300 A-DC Plus. With additional items of shielding gas and proper stick electrode, user should be able to perform a wider scope of welding task and welding capability. This product is able to improve a higher welding quality by delivering a smoother welding performance with low sparkling flying metal that enable the welding application to be vary implemented, and reducing arc wandering, especially for stainless steel material. The capability to support heavy duty workload within the specification, stable endurance, power compensation, and economical use of current are always being applied


Current Range (A)

15 – 300

Duty cycle (%)


No Load Voltage (V)

38 – 55

Load Voltage (V)

12 – 30

Electrodes diameter (mm)

0,5 – 3,2

Voltage (V)


Phase ( ~ )


Frequency (Hz)


Input power/standby (Kw)

0,164 – 0,197

Input power (KVA)

0,65 – 6

Input Cable (mm x 3)


Welding Cable (mm 2)


Dimension w x d x h (cm)

67 x 56 x 70

Weight (Kg)

± 130


Heavy - Moderate Fabrication
  - Mining Industry      - Ship Building
  - Farm / Ranch         - Industry
  - Construction        
Light Fabrication
  - Job Shops and Maintenance
  - Bicycle Manufacturing
  - Metallic Artwork
  - Others

Use normal welding electrode 3,2 mm, examples:
AWS E – 6013
AWS E 308 L – 1
AWS E 316 L – 16

AWS E Ni Fe – C1
AWS E Ni - Ci

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