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PT. Baja Agung Kharisma Utama was firstly established in the end of 1997 as a limited company which runs in steel trading and directed by in grouped experienced chairmen who had been in the typical field for more than 20 - 30 years.

In a short run of its establishment our company has expanded into international trading by conducting import and export transaction in steel materials.
Through years PT. Baja Agung Kharisma Utama has been able to grab a lot of market share in local steel industries and to be entitled as one of good reputation companies in North Sumatra area.

Based on the market research forecasting report and supported by steel construction experience and effective collaboration with technical expert, in the late of 2000, PT. Baja Agung Kharisma Utama expanding its wings on Machinery Manufacturing investment by launching (BA Trade Mark - Registered) Welding Machines into the first 6 type's products for "STICK" welding process which can be targeted to various level of market segmentation.

At the beginning of the Introduction stage, in year 2002 our product has been able to attract international customers, such as United State; however the distribution of them (to US) is obstacled due the absence of standard certification. Hence, PT. Baja Agung Kharisma Utama appealed to conduct the SNI (Standard National Indonesia) inspection via Industrial and Trading Ministry in which was going to be handled by Government technical standardization body B4T - Balai Besar Bahan & Barang Teknik. Since the national standardization for welding machine category has never been exist, then B4T as the standardization body initiated to establish a new frame work for it, and ever since, PT. Baja Agung Kharisma Utama has been one of the committee members in the work group discussion.

In the middle of November 2002, PT. Baja Agung Kharisma Utama released new products line - "Battery Chargers" which consist of 7 types that varied based on the number of batteries to be charged.

Also In the End of November 2002, our company conducts the first product updating to welding machine by reconditioning the basic type into "Plus" version with a more stable welding performance.

Again in 2002, PT. Baja Agung Kharisma Utama started to concern into a more intensive expose and to execute the product awareness strategy through some exhibitions in national and international scale. By the end of the current year, PT. Baja Agung Kharisma Utama was appointed to participate in the event of "Pesta Penang" in Malaysia to represent North Sumatra in Exhibiting one of "The Best Domestic Products".

Beginning of April 2003, PT. Baja Agung Kharisma Utama was officially opening a Java Service Center as representative branch located at Wisma BMKU - North Jakarta.

As the positive feedback of previous "Pesta Penang" event and supported by Governmental parties such as; North Sumatera State of Government, State Investment and Promotion Body, as well as North Sumatera Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in April 16 PT. Baja Agung Kharisma Utama was successfully grabbing market share in Malaysia by launching the grand export of Welding Machines. A month after, PT. Baja Agung Kharisma Utama conducted an export of Welding Machines to Thailand. It shifted up the quality image of domestic products in ASEAN Market and targeted to be taken further into a larger scope of the International Market.

In June 2003, PT. Baja Agung Kharisma Utama performed at once updating toward the products; 1) Welding Machine, by releasing Dual Function products, which can be used for TIG (Argon) and STICK welding process, in "Plus" and "Special" version, and 2) Battery Charger ; by realizing "Quick Charge" version, which can support a fast charging capability. Through these products advancement, our company is aiming to bring a greater satisfaction to customers by presenting higher quality and more effective products than ever.

Therefore, PT. Baja Agung Kharisma Utama as Welding Machines and Battery Chargers manufacturer can almost be considered as market leader for "Registered Domestic Product" category in Indonesia.

Our company got a few of certification as follows:

  • In year 2000: Asian Best Economic Award 2000-2001
  • In July 2003: Top Entrepreneur Award 2003
  • In October 2003: Asian Best Economic Executive Award 2003 - 2004
  • In October 2004: International Professional Award 2004

Category: Entrepreneur Award.

  • In April 2005: Asian Best Executive Award 2005-2006
  • In July 2005: We've got 2 biggest award in one event
    1. Creative and Innovative Award 2005
    2. Professional and Educator Award 2005

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